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                                          Saint Patrick

It is the annual festival which celebrates Saint Patrick, one of the patron saints of Ireland, and is usually celebrated on March 17 countries that speak English. This date is usually measured by church authority. People dress in costumes of green, leaving the streets in a festive long walk.
At Saint Patrick's Day people wear green for St. Patrick who wore a three-leaf shamrock to explain about the Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
The first Saint Patrick's Festival was held on March 17, 1996. In 1997, he became a three-day event, and in 2000 was a four-day event. In 2006, the festival lasted five days.
In the past, St. Patrick's Day was just a celebration of beer. It became a public holiday in 1903. In England it was introduced in Parliament by Irishman James O'Mara. Later, O'Mara has introduced a law that forbade the pubs shut on March 18, a move that was not changed in 70 years. The first outbreak occurred in Dublin in 1931, and was criticized by the Minister Fitzgerald.

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                             WHAT IS BULLYING?

Bullying is a situation which is characterized by intentional assault, verbal or physical, done repetitively, on one or more students against one or more colleagues. The term bullying comes from the English word bully, which means bully, bully. Even without a name in Portuguese, is perceived as a threat, tyranny, oppression, intimidation, humiliation and abuse.
"It's a form of violence, the fastest growing in the world," said Cleo Fante, educator and author of Bullying Phenomenon: How to Prevent Violence in Schools and Education for Peace (224 pp., Ed Verus, tel. (19 ) 4009-6868). According to expert, bullying can occur in any social context, such as schools, universities, families, neighborhoods and workplaces. What at first glance it may seem a simple harmless nickname emotionally and physically can affect the target of the offense.
Besides a possible isolation or decrease in school performance, children and adolescents who undergo humiliations racist, defamatory or separatist podesm present psychosomatic illnesses and suffer from some type of trauma that influence personality traits. In some extreme cases, the bullying gets to affect the emotional state of the young so that he chooses solutions tragic as suicide. 



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Stefani Angelina Germanotta Joanne (born in Yonkers on March 28, 1986) better known as Lady GaGa, is a dance-pop singer and electronics of the United States signed to Interscope Records / Universal.


Biography of Lady Gaga

When Lady Gaga child attended private school Sacred Heart Convent, where he learned to play the piano and had knowledge of the music world. At seventeen she was studying music at the University of the Arts in New York. Before starting as a singer, Lady GaGa writing songs for Interscope artists like the U.S. group Pussycat Dolls.

On 8 April he released his first single "Just Dance", along with an EP with three songs (Beautiful Dirty Rich, Dirty Ice Cream and Rock Show).

On Day July 13, presented himself at Miss Universe 2008 in Vietnam, singing her first single, Just Dance.
The presentation was extremely important for dissemination of the singer and song.
Therefore, burst on the charts GaGa Canadians, and their album was released on August 19, also giving the mini-tour beginning Haus of Gaga, he spread his first album. The CD received a re-issue, with more tracks and was released worldwide on 28th October.
The second single from her debut album was Beautiful, Dirty, Rich, who also serves as music for the opening series Dirty Sexy Money. The band's performance was lower than the music that became the second official single, Poker Face. Currently Lady Gaga has as many sales around 1.3 million CDs.

                                    Stage Name 

His stage name Lady GaGa is a reference to the song "Radio Ga Ga," a 1984 hit by the British group Queen (then with Freddie Mercury on vocals). 

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                                                      Dark beer
The black beer is a liquid substance of higher density and sweeter taste than ordinary beer, invented by Metal God. Only males as Jeremiah, Chuck Norris and Bud Spencer dare drink this elixir of power. The other name that designates Malzbier, denotes that there is a beer for anyone who is just barely in the best sense of the term.
Several glasses of stout noble
According to the latest recent studies, released recently, and made by TV Globo, the composition of dark beer is 45% alcohol, 25% of ox blood, 20% of bees chewed by Chuck Norris and even 10% of beer .


The first units of root beer were produced in Germany, Adolf Hitler's orders. But, as we will die to prove this drink, its creator had to flee to Brazil.
The creator, name unknown, he left for Barry, where he met his future partner, Boi Bandido. The legend says that the unfortunate man stumbled and put his ass in the animal, hence the name of the first dark beer, Caracu. Of course, this drink was made with the blood of Boi Bandido, which became the largest donor of blood on the planet.
All went well until the day that Coca-Cola stole the formula for black beer. However, Coca-Cola was using cheaper ingredients such as açaí and demonic cupuaçu. Shortly thereafter, Boi Bandido was abducted by Roberto Marinho and legendary producer of black beer was taken by Google to Acre, where he was never seen again. The largest blood donor in the world.
Truck drivers like Peter and Bino, after deciding that it was a trap, and cowboys who were not fags, they continued the tradition of stout in the country, but it was hard to compete against the empire of Zeca Pagodinho, the largest brewer in the country. The production of stout, thus waned. Fortunately, when the Iron Maiden went to Brazil, they found a homeless man drinking black beer, and decided to prove. So much so that now spread to the entire planet dark beer, and one of the known demands for her dressing room is a barrel of 20 liters of the best dark beer.

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Hello, you can login or register
Hello, you can change or leave your detailsBiographyAbout Luan Santana
Specify when the story of singer Luan Santana, who was born in 1991, started is a difficult task, because the three-year-old in his hometown of Campo Grande - MS, he called attention to the whole family with the chords of the tune country songs that would not stop singing. Classics such as "Change of life"; "Chico Mineiro" and "Cabocla Teresa" were interpreted by Luan, without error in the wording or tone. Realizing his talent, his father gave it to a guitar, to further encourage the little singer. Thereafter the presentations have gained a further attraction, Luan and sang 'tried' strum a few notes on the musical instrument, which has become inseparable from it.
In January 2009, it launched the career of the second CD which included the production of Ivan Myazato and had chosen songs by the singer, who made a point of including such hits as "I'm the Face," "Meteor," "My Mouth Do not More Kiss "and" Crazy. "
In this work, which features songs written by Luan Santana, who starts to show that Brazil also has talent as a composer.
Since the packed schedule did not allow Luan Santana stopped and entered the studio to record their second CD, he decided that work would live and recorded in several cities in Brazil where his show had. The work was amazing and showed maturity in this young up onstage.
Once the CD was finished, two songs began to emerge as the preferred public Luan Santana - "I'm the Face" and "Meteor" in that it begins to be one of the most played artists of radio stations in Brazil and in the few weeks Video "Meteor" hits the mark of 10 million hits on YouTube.
In summer 2009, begins to burst the young singer, Luan breaks all attendance records for the cities where it shows, winning more and more fans and followers wherever he goes.
With the success of the songs on this CD back in August he was invited to participate in the "Rodeo of Barry 'and this time it is presented to an audience of 50,000 people, who sing along with it its major successes. Luan received prominent media expert from Barry who considered a prime example of 'country music phenomenon. "
Traveling throughout Brazil to show his new work, Luan road leads to a spectacle of lights, sound and special effects with a large production, worthy of a great artist, that Brazil has begun to learn from the unmistakable tone of voice and the who has charisma on stage - a trademark of this young man who promises to spur the market swing.
Luan Santana participates in major events such as backland Caldas Country, Rodeo of Barrie, besides the main Cowboy Festivals and Exhibitions Agricultural throughout Brazil. The agenda for Luan Santana closed the year 2009 with 300 concerts performed by Brazil, with an average of 25 presentations per month, he takes up his audience, a great spectacle for Luan Santana is dedicated to doing what he loves most - 'Sing' .
FIRST - Luan Santana Live DVDHired by Som Livre in November Luan launches its first DVD which was recorded on 25.8.2009 in the Indigenous Nations Park in Campo Grande which reached the shops at the start of December. Luan Santana this day 85,000 people gathered for this presentation and its only broke his own attendance record, that was before 70,000 people at a concert held in June the same year in the Exhibition Park of Campo Grande MS.
In January 2010 Luan Santana makes an appearance in a week Novela Rede Globo, Malhação, as himself, and participates in all major Brazilian TV programs as the first Teen Idol Sertanejo.
In recent participation in the Best of the Year award in Domingão do Faustão Rede Globo, Luan was acclaimed winner of the Newcomer of the Year category
Today Luan Santana collects amazing numbers:
Double Platinum CD (200,000 copies) and DVD (100,000 copies) totaling 300 thousand copies in six months of release.Twitter followers: over 930 000Average of 25 concerts per monthTotal views on Youtube: over 58 millionOfficial website Hits: 60 000 average daily unique visitorsAverage attendance at monthly concerts of 2 million people.